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Creative Maker Space

The Creative Maker Space is a place where the courage of inventing and realizing is built. This space, dedicated to experimentation, creates a symbiotic link between digital and analogical tools for the realization of ideas.  It is equipped with multiple machines such as 2D and 3D digital printers, laser cutters, rapid prototyping machines, robotics, thermoforming machines, etc. Conceived as a large open laboratory, this space is organized under the direction of internationally recognize teachers accompanied by student assistants.

Its role inside Confluence is to promote a real collaborative culture for project. It is open to passionate people from outside the school to work with the students on their own projects. This spirit confronts and capitalizes on the experience, uniting students from different disciplines with technicians and teachers from different expertise. These crossing moments generate synergies and appetites for engagement, temerity and experimentation.

As a large production space, accessible 24/7 by students, the Creative Marker Space establishes proactive attitudes at the interaction of various disciplines. Through practical workshops, students are taught and helped by experts in order to acquire a sharp   mastery of the digital tools for creativity. They can develop not only infinite productions but also push further the traditional boundaries of architecture.