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Human environment

Lina Gotmeh (Beirut)

We are interested in looking at architecture as a process that goes
beyond shaping boundaries, a process founded on the act of architecting
connections. We would like to think the field on the scale of the virtually connected
‘body’ in the aim of recreating new connections in ‘connected’ spaces.
We will challenge our capacity to devise new physical tools, apparatuses that stem from the fine reading we make of the downfalls of the technology accompanying our everyday life. We will question our capacity to create haptic environments that symbiotically relate to our inner nature. Would it be possible to conceive of a small new world that can last only days but that is able to project into many years?
Can our heightened awareness towards others, nature, towards the unseen, shift us into the art of engineering new sensitive connections ?
Can these establish a new place for architecture ?
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